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There’s a HAAN for Everyone!

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Is steam cleaning right for me?

That’s a pretty loaded question. To put it simply, anyone can benefit from owning a steam cleaner. It’s an easy solution to one of your homes biggest problems, staying clean. Whether you hope to tackle everyday dusting, messy muddy foot prints, or stuck-on greasy stains, steam can clean and sanitize your floors, counters and even your furniture. And better yet, steam cleaning reduces the amount of chemicals that you’ll need to clean your home so it’s a great way to reduce your environmental impact.

So, now you might be thinking that you’re not a green cleaning aficionada so maybe steam isn’t your perfect cleaning solution. Truth is, steam isn’t just for people riding the Earth-friendly green wave. Because of the wide variety of uses, steam cleaning can be very helpful to an even wider variety of people.

Animal Lover?

Anyone that owns a pet knows of the fun little messes that come along with their furry best friend. But not every pet owner is aware of the dangers of chemical cleaning solutions. Whether you need to remove a gross brown stain or a stinky mystery wet spot, your first instinct is to reach for a disinfecting or odor removing spray.

Think about this, the detergents that you just put on your floor are front and center for your pets. Not only do they get a nose full of potentially harmful fumes, but those chemicals often find their way onto puppy and kitty paws and eventually into their mouths. Various chemicals can make your pets sick, and can even cause death if they are over exposed.

HAAN steam mops help to reduce the frequency of needing to use those chemical based detergents because they sanitize using plain tap water. Great for cleaning up wet paw prints off of your hardwood and tile; plus HAAN steam mops are great for deodorizing pet beds. Steam also helps to remove pet hair from your carpet. The heat of the steam reduces the static cling charge that helps pet hair get stuck in the fibers of rugs and upholstery. This will make it super easy to vacuum up all that shedding.

Baby in the House?

So man’s best friend isn’t your biggest cleaning nightmare? Then maybe you have the baby blues. Feeding-time spills and potty training disasters are both perfect reasons to clean with steam.

Steam works hard to quickly break down stuck-on food messes, especially the sugary types that toddlers love. It’s also great for sanitizing high chairs so that you can ensure your baby has a clean, healthy place to eat.
Steam is also great for sanitizing changing tables, bedding and any other soft surfaces that might have fallen victim to a leaky diaper. HAAN steam cleaning machines kill up to 99.9% germs that can be left behind by your baby’s behind.
The biggest perk, HAAN makes it easy to achieve the clean you need in your home to make it safe for your baby without chemicals that could be bad for your baby.

Hate Mopping?

If you’re anything like me, mopping is one of your least favorite chores. Well throw away your old gross mop and your sloppy bucket, because HAAN has made it so much easy. Steam mops give you an almost effortless way to get a super clean floor.

It couldn’t be much easier. Fill up your tank at the sink; turn your machine on, and 20 seconds later you’re ready to rock n’ roll. Using a steam mop is so easy that practically anyone can do it; from your pre-teens looking to earn some allowance, to your grandparents that need to stick to low impact household duties.
HAAN steamers reduce the time it takes you to clean so you can increase the time you have for fun. Unless you think that steam cleaning is fun, then take all the time you want.

Change Your Mind Yet?

So you’ve got a specific cleaning job in mind, or let’s say you are looking for a total home cleaning machine. HAAN has a steamer that’s right for you.

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