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Assembly & Maintenance

On what types of floors can my steam cleaner be safely used?

The HAAN steam cleaner is safe to use on all sealed flooring types, for example laminate, hardwood, tile, vinyl, linoleum, slate, stone & marble. Your steam cleaner is designed to clean hard floor surfaces that will withstand high heat. Do not use on unsealed wood. We do recommend that you check with your flooring manufacturer prior to use. By attaching the carpet tray, your steamer is also great for sanitizing and refreshing carpets, upholstery and other soft surfaces around the home.
Models: All models

How often should I change my Ultra-Microfiber pad?

Pads need to be changed about every 10-15 minutes. If you notice that your steamer is leaving behind excess water or your unit becomes difficult to push, place a new pad on your machine.
Models: All models

Is the use of distilled water necessary?

Although we recommend using distilled water, you may use tap water depending on the hardness of your water. HAAN Fresh Rinse scale remover can be added to the tank every three to six months to remove the build-up that hard water can cause.
Models: All models

How do I sanitize my carpets using my steam cleaner?

Use the carpet tray to refresh and sanitize carpets, rugs, mattresses, sofas and other soft surfaces.
Models: All models

My assembly screw is missing, how do I locate it?

To locate your screw please check the small bag that contains the Fresh Rinse lime and scale remover inside your box. If you are unable to locate it, please contact customer care for further assistance.
Models: SI60, SI70 models, SI75, SS Series, SI-A70


Floor Care

Do HAAN steam cleaners really kill 99.9% of germs, bacteria and allergens?

Absolutely! Because all HAAN steam cleaners emit steam through the pad in excess of 212 degrees Fahrenheit, germs, bacteria, dust mites and allergens are killed almost instantly.
Models: All models

How often do I need to buy new cleaning pads?

The Ultra-Microfiber pads included with your HAAN are reusable. You simply toss them in the washing machine - but please do not use fabric softener or bleach as these products can damage the fibers. We recommend air drying, but you can also dry them on a low setting in your dryer. The frequency of use impacts the life of your pads but with proper care, they can last for several hundreds of uses.
Models: All floor models

How do I steam carpets?

To use on carpets, only attach a carpet glide. Do not attach a pad tray or pad to the unit. This will allow you to use the HAAN on soft flooring surfaces.
Models: All floor models

What are steam jets and why are they important?

Steam jets evenly disperse continuous steam across the entire surface of your steam head. This reduces hot spots and provides a wide cleaning path. The number of steam jets vary by unit.
Models: All floor models

Where can I find additional cleaning attachments for my handheld steam cleaner?

Visit our parts and accessories page on HAANAustralia.com.au or contact customer care to replace worn out attachments or purchase new attachments to expand the cleaning functionality of your handheld steamer.
Models: All handheld models



Can chemicals be used in my steam cleaner?

No, the HAAN steam cleaners are designed to emit a pure vapor, free of chemicals. By adding a chemical you may damage the steaming mechanism.
Models: All models

How long will it take my steam cleaner to heat up?

Most HAAN steam cleaners heat up to 212 degrees F in under 40 seconds. Check the specs on your model for the specific heat up time.
Models: All models

How long does a tank of water last and what is the tank's capacity?

Most HAAN steam cleaners operate between 20-30 minutes on a full tank of water. Check the specs on your model for the specific tank capacity and operating time.
Models: All models

HAAN steam cleaners are specified at 1200- 1500 watts. Does that mean the machine is blasting out up to 1500 watts of steam?

No, there is a regulator that controls the amount of steam released. Most vacuums run at 1500 watts and most steamers at 800-1500 watts. This together would blow a fuse. A vapor steam is produced and the vacuum runs off of air as opposed to electricity.
Models: All models

How do I wash and dry my Ultra-Microfiber pad?

You simply toss them in the washing machine on the gentle cycle. But please do not use fabric softener or bleach as it breaks down the fibers of the pad. We recommend air drying but, you can also dry them on a low setting in your dryer.
Models: All floor models

What are the red and silver packets I received with my unit and how do I use them?

These packets are a Fresh Rinse lime and scale remover. Depending on the frequency of use, use one packet every 3 to 6 months. Pour a packet of lime and scale remover into a tank with one cup of water and shake the water tank. Setting the unit on the black resting mat, turn on the unit and allow the solution to steam through to clean the working mechanism and remove any potential lime and scale build-up.
Models: All floor models

Can handheld steamers be used vertically?

Handheld steamers will work temporarily when used at an upward angle or vertical position; however, the best position for the most effective clean is to use the handheld in a horizontal position, downward angle or use an extended flexible nozzle if it is available for your unit.
Models: All handheld models

How do you know when the water tank is empty?

The FS series has an indicator light to signal when the water tank is empty. The SI and SS series have a detachable water tank that visibly shows the water level. All series will stop producing steam when the water tanks are empty.
Models: SI Series, SS Series, FS Series - retired

How do I add water to my unit?

Remove the water tank from the unit, unscrew the cap and fill the tank.
Models: SI Series, SS Series

What is Smart Steam technology?

Smart Steam Technology is a 5 part integrated system to deliver exceptional cleaning. The Micom circuit heater takes 20 seconds to heat the water to 212° F which the electronic pump then generates as a consistent steam, passing through the 15 evenly dispersed steam jets for a focused clean. The removable water tank easily fills at the sink and the 4 layer Ultra-Microfiber pads create a streak-free, quick-drying clean.
Models: SI Series

What is CR-motion technology?

CR-motion™ is a back-and-forth movement that creates a scrubbing effect. This effect is generated by two counter-reciprocating plates that move at a rate of 850 cycles per minute. The SCR circuit heater takes 40 seconds to heat water to 212° F which the electronic pump then generates as a consistent steam, passing though the 10 evenly dispersed steam jets on each plate. The Ultra-Microfiber pads, buffing cloths and scrub brushes bring versatility to the technology for a variety of uses.
Models: SS Series

Is the power cord able to get wet?

Yes. This appliance is rated for use on a nominal 120V circuit and has a grounding attachment plug. Make sure that the appliance is connected to an outlet having the same configuration as the plug. No adaptor should be used with this appliance.
Models: SS Series

What type of floor is used by each floor setting?

High steam emission is ideal for ceramic, stone, tile and other durable floors. Low or gentle steam emission is perfect for sealed hardwood, laminate, bamboo and other delicate floors.
Models: SI45 models, SI60, SS22A, SS25, SI-A45

When do I use the bonnet?

The bonnet is used for any hard surface such as counter tops, fridge, sealed tables, shower doors, tile, porcelain etc. Remove the bonnet when you want to sanitize your sofa, drapes or any other soft surface.
Models: SI70 models, SI75, SI-A70

Should the bonnet fit tightly?

Yes. The bonnet needs to fit tightly to the Mini Steam Head to allow the steam to flow through. If the bonnet is not tight-fitting or is loose, the steam becomes trapped and will not sanitize as effectively.
Models: SI70 models, SI75, SI-A70




Why is my steam mop leaving the floor wet?

Make sure that the pad is not attached to the unit when you are heating it up. This can cause your pad to become saturated very quickly and leave your floor wet. Pads need to be changed when they become overly wet.
Models: All models

Why can't I see much steam coming from the handheld steamer?

Handheld steamers may or may not be non-pressurized. The AllPro is an example of a pressurized steamer, the MULTI is non-pressurized. Non-pressurized steamers emit steam as an extremely fine vapor that is very hot which can result in the steam being less visible.
Models: All handheld models

Is the clicking/thumping noise I hear normal?

Yes, this is just the sound of the water pump pumping water through the heating element to the base of the unit. In some units the sound will lessen after the unit heats up, but if it remains throughout the duration of the steaming, it is perfectly normal.
Models: SI Series, SS Series

Why does my swivel head not swivel easily?

The swivel head works on a spring system. If the mechanism is too loose, it could wear down the hinge and not be able to stand on its own. To maneuver the swivel head, roll your wrist from side to side.
Models: SI Series (excluding SI25 and SI35 models), SS Series

How do I turn on CR-motion?

On the bottom right side of the head unit, you will find a switch. Gently press the switch to turn the function on. To turn the function off, press the switch again
Models: SS Series

Can I use the pads/brushes with the Carpet Glide?

DO NOT use CR-motion™ when the Carpet Glide is attached to the unit. Doing so could result in product malfunction or product failure.
Models: SS Series

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