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Steam Mop Reviews

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Why HAAN Steam Mop?

The HAAN SI-A70 Multi Steam Mop has been rated the number 1 steam mop by Australians as rated by ProductReviews.com.au.

Best reviewed steam mop cleaner in Australia


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Excellent for floors

2013-09-26 - Josephine C.
Great steam mop, really is so easy to use and change pads. The only down side is it isn't that effective as a hand held steamer when trying to remove tough mould. The best mop by far.


Excellent purchase

2013-09-19 - Chris R.
First steam mop and very very happy. Cannot recommend it enough



2013-08-31 - Ann M.
Very good and easy to use. I would recommend this steam mop tried it on tiled floors at the moment and pleased with the results.


I've only used it a

2013-08-11 - Nicola T.
I've only used it a couple of times since i bought it, but seems to be do a really good job. Very easy to use, and the floors are left dry almost immediately. Also really good length on the power cord as i can just get away without needing an extension lead!


A good buy

2013-08-10 - Diana M.
I find it is efficient and floors are clean and almost dry afterwards.it also looks good.


Great steam mope for tiled floor

2013-08-10 - Leisa K.
Solid machine that works very well on my tiled floor. My tiles have indents throughout the floor and dirt gets trapped in these grooves. I usually have to scrub my floor, but this steam mop seems to remove the dirt. You may have to go over the dirt a couple of times, but it eventually cleans the tiles.


Haan S1-A70 Multi Steam Mop Cleaner does the job 

2013-08-04  - Barry L.

We thought steam cleaners could be a gimmick but did a bit of research and decided that the Haan model sounded good. Up until now we've never found a satisfactory way to clean our kitchen tiles although we've died everything from expensive tile cleaners, to white vinegar, mentholated spirits etc. But whatever we used the tiles always ended up wet and with streaky marks. We've only tried out the steam mop on our tiles but are delighted with the job it does - the tiles dry very quickly and have no marks on them. The only thing with our mop is that it falls over in the standing position but this is not important and maybe we aren't propping it up the proper way. 


Great shiny clean. Baby can

2013-07-21  - Jocelyn P.
Great shiny clean. Baby can roll around on the clean floor.


Great results

2013-07-03  - Natalie K.
I'm very happy with my new steam mop, my wood floors look amazing.


Wonderful time saving steam mop

2013-06-25  - Bridget M.
Much easier and faster than mopping with a bucket. Doesnt take long to heat up and leaves the floor relatively dry.


The Haan steam mop does a great job

2013-04-18  - Victor B.
The Haan Steam mop makes cleaning floors easy and they dry quickly the assemble instructions were easy to follow and even that the water vessel looks small but did all the house floors in just one refill.


Good Purchase

2013-04-18  - Rebecca H.
Never owned a steam mop before but won't want to be without one now. Read reviews on other brands, none of those problems with this steam mop. Would recommend this product.


HAAN Steam Mop SI-A70 Multi Cleaner

2013-04-18  - Dickson L.

The HAAN Steam Mop SI-A70 Multi Cleaner is a very good quality product, it is better than my old Bissell steam mop. Bissell is also a high quality steam mop, but I have two problems with the steam mop. First it does not clean to the edge of the floor and leaving a dirty line along the edge of the floor because of design fault, second the floor gets very wet and it take more than hour an hour to dry my ceramic tile floor. The Haan solved my two problems but the steam is not as strong as the Bissell and it take longer to clean the dirty spots and the trade off is a dryer floor. The hand held steamer does not product enough steam to really clean the dirty area like they show in the commercial. 



2013-10-02  - April
Just bought this bad boy. and let me tell you - it's amazing! I am super happy with my purchase. I have old school hardwood and it's a bi*ch to clean. This mop makes it a breeze. Highly recommend.


Haan S1-A70 Multi Steam Mop - great machine 

2013-08-09  - Bruce F.

Excellent machine, nozzel is so useful for cleaning small tight places like toilet seat hinges, the brush is the most effective grout cleaner we have every used and the handy steam head is ideal for cleaning stainless steel kick boards, bench tops etc. We bought the extension hose but have found it has very limited application, otherwise every feature of this machine meets or exceeds expectaions and we have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone and it is far better than the previous popular make steam mop that died on us. 


Love it!

2013-06-03 - Mrs F.
Chose this mop after doing online research and it seemed to be recommended on several sites. discovered the best price was to buy direct tfrom Haan on this site. arrived within 48hrs, great shopping experience. The mop itself is great, floors are dry instantly, no need for any cleaning product, just water. Makes cleaning much easier and quicker.


Very impressed

2013-04-26  - H

I gave up on steam mops years ago when the kenwood steam mop left streaks all over the porcelain tiles. I read all the reviews and picked Haan based on what others have said. It cleaned the porcelain tiles perfect, they look like mirror, no streaks. Also used on my polished timber flooring, came up beautifully. I don't really use the handheld device and find that a bit pointless but that isn't why I bought it. Still though I am very impressed and glad I bought it. 



2013-09-24  - SB
First time user for both Haan and steam mops in general. I'm impressed. Very easy to use, didn't leave streaks or pools of water. A bit heavier to move than anticipated, but not too bad.


Stacey N

2013-07-11  - Stacey N

This is the first steam cleaner I've ever had. My hard floors look amazing and I love using the hand held part to clean my bench tops effortlessly. Found the steamer worked really well on my solution dyed nylon carpets, but not as great on my wool rugs. Cleaning external windows was a little harder Than anticipated as the hand held unit gets heavy after a while. It doesn't work so great upright and I kept having to lower the unit to get the steam working again.

Overall I am really happy with this product and would definitely recommend.


HAAN Steam Mop SI-A70 Multi Cleaner 

2013-06-24  - CJ
Great quality item. Easy to use. Cleans my textured tiles well although more steam power would be beneficial for tougher spots. The hand cleaner requires more steam power to assist cleaning however is good for sterilizing toys.


Excellent product

2013-07-30  - Lisa Z.
I bought the steam mop 1 year ago, I was very happy with it. So this year we bought one for mum's birthday, she loved it. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a good and reliable steam mop.


Better than expected 

2013-07-17  - Kate P.
Received my steam mop promptly & have used a few times now & it is better than I expected. Very sturdy build & my excess water on tiles means no marks left on tiles after mopping. Was hesitant about purchasing an import but I am going to buy one for my mother now as a gift.


Very happy with this steam mop

2013-06-20 - Canh P.
I've just bought this steam mop two weeks ago and it worked much better than my previous one. very happy with the product, will buy again.


Best Buy

2013-05-06 - Mary
I am delighted with my Haan Steam Mop,it is superb.
I have told a lot of friends how good it is. So hopefully some will buy one & be as pleased as I am with mine.The quality is excellent & I received it within a few days by post.


Love it

2013-04-13 - Bianca D.
Came within a few days and works like a dream. Makes cleaning light work. Highly reccomend it.



2013-03-09 - David R.
Never before owned or used a steam mop but have been pleasantly impressed by the product with it's ease of use and the results.


Haan Steam Mop SI-A70 Multi 

2013-03-04  - Marcia W.

I have been wanting to buy a steam mop for years, but never confident that it was worth it, as I don't know anyone who owns one. After reading all the very positive comments on the Internet I thought I would give the Haan one a chance. I am glad I did. I love using it, it takes no time to clean my ceramic tiles in kitchen and other wet areas. Cleaning the floors is not a chore now. 

[NEW] HAAN SI-A70 Multi Steam Mop for Carpet, Vinyl, Tile, Laminate and Hardwood

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